Hi and Welcome!

Thought it was high time to start a new page.. A page that I could also use as a portfolio, so welcome!

I’m still tweaking things but what is a blog without a blog post?

It’s the holiday season and so my thoughts have been there…Christmas, nutcrackers, glitter.. You know? The standard.

I’ve been re-reading “The Artist’s Way” by Julian Cameron and I can’t stop repeating this quote, “It is often audacity and not talent that brings an artist to center stage.”

I lack audacity on so many levels, sooooooooooooo I’m challenging myself to not only DO but SHARE. To submit it, to be open to the rejection and the criticism, to just keep going. In the words of my favorite art agent, Lilla Rogers, ” You will be wrong for 99% of the jobs. But for 1%, you will be right.” The way I figure, you can’t even be right for even .25% if no one knows you illustrate. (Hello, McFly!)

Baby steps, right?

I started with my Holiday print.

Sugar Plums_brown

And guess what?

She is here and here. Huh?

Merry Holidays + a Happy Christmas.

RebekahA. (like from the milkyway)