If I was a magazine…

Hi! Welcome to my happy place. My name is Rebekah Anne, A. For short.

I am the daughter of a teacher and an artist. I was taught from an early age that correct grammar and beautiful penmanship were as normal as taking a breath. From them, I learned; the library was the perfect hideout, music and singing was a universal cure-all, and imagination was the best toy they could allow us (all 6 of us) to play with.

True story. When I lost my first tooth, instead of the obligatory quarter the tooth fairy left my friends, she (or he) sent me on a treasure hunt. The treasure? My very own set of watercolors.

On Monday through Friday, I spend my days analyzing retail business trends and forecasting sales. At night, I draw. And design. And draw some more. To me, art is as normal (and essential) as taking a breath. Addicted to learning, my skills are all self taught.

What you’ll find in my portfolio is a cumulation of a little muscle memory, a new found love of drawing in Procreate, a million classes and workshops, and a little voice inside me that says, “pretty is always possible.” I especially love florals, clever phrases, color!, hand lettering, editorial work, and feminine design.

I’m exceptionally great at curating inspiration, seeing images in the weirdest things, and making up slogans to fit random life events. (Or tee shirts. I have a list going. Always.)

You can find my art in several small boutiques on home decor items, or you can find me here, here, and here.

Feel free to shoot me a note if you’d like to see more, hire me or just want to say hello!

Thanks for stopping by,

Rebekah a. (From the milky way). Rhymes help people remember, right?